The liberal media’s campaign to take down President Trump will continue to fail.


I believe the liberal media will lead to President Trump’s removal from office.

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The relationship between President Trump and the news media continues to worsen.

Several stories published by CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC that were potentially devastating to the Trump administration were later debunked after failing to pass even moderate scrutiny. Most often, these stories center around accusations of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Vladimir Putin’s government in Russia.

Defenders of the current state of the news media claim such behavior is necessary to preserve our freedoms.

However, critics point to the media’s lack of such scrutiny towards the Obama administration and the fact that such a large number of the press’ errors occur when they are trying to attack Trump and delegitimize his presidency on behalf of their own liberal political agenda.

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Do you think the liberal media’s campaign to take down President Trump will continue to fail, or will the seemingly endless attacks lead to President Trump being removed from office?