I trust that President Trump, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and the military leaders made the right decision.


I believe transgender individuals should be permitted to serve in the military.

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President Trump has announced he will ban transgender individuals from serving in America’s military.

The ban comes after months of speculation on how the Trump administration would approach one of today’s most controversial subjects.

Last month Secretary of Defense James Mattis delayed an Obama-era deadline to permit transgendered individuals from enlisting in the military.

Not surprisingly, the pesident’s posts announcing the ban on social media site Twitter sparked outrage from Democrats and progressives, while many social conservatives expressed support for the ban.

Republican support for the decision did not include GOP Senator and Vietnam veteran John McCain of Arizona, who criticized the policy and the president’s use of social media to announce it.

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Do you support President Trump’s ban on transgendered individuals in the military, or do you believe they should be able to serve?