Trump’s use of social media like Twitter allows him to speak to the American people without the spin of the liberal news media.


Trump is embarrassing himself and the United States with his behavior on social media.

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President Donald Trump’s use of social media has been a hot-button issue since he first declared his candidacy in June of 2015.

Trump’s willingness to confront his political and media rivals via Twitter has provoked consternation from Republican Party leadership, provided seemingly endless fodder for the news media, and rallied his supporters who feel largely excluded from the national conversation between media and political elites.

This dynamic was typified by the reaction to a recent Tweet by President Trump that included a video from one of his appearances at a WWE wrestling event edited to show the now-President pummeling the physical embodiment of CNN.

The news media at-large was almost unanimously indignant, while Trump’s supporters relished the humor at the expense of a network they view as hostile to the President and his base.

The reaction to the Tweet prompted some political and media figures to issue renewed calls for President Trump to cease his social media activity.

Like seemingly everything related to President Trump, many Americans are deeply divided on this issue.

Do you think President Trump should stop Tweeting and other social media activity, or do support it as a way for the President to speak directly to the American people?