I support President Trump’s stance against illegal immigration.


I support open borders and unchecked immigration.

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As Congress continues to debates how to deal with “Dreamer” illegal immigrants, the media has stepped up their coverage of the children of illegal immigrants detained while illegally crossing from Mexico into the United States.

Illegal immigrant advocates and the liberal media are claiming that the process of detaining adult illegal immigrants separately from their children is inhumane and are casting the blame at President Trump’s feet.

However, President Trump’s supporters have pointed out that separate processing of adult and minor illegal immigrants is a common practice that predates the Trump administration.

Some political analysts have also speculated that the media’s sympathetic portrayal of illegal immigrants is a last-ditch effort to force Congress and President Trump to accept an immigration compromise bill that does not fun President Trump’s border wall.

As of yet, President Trump has not shown a willingness to change his policy or his support of the border wall.

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Do you support President Trump’s stand on immigration, or do you support open borders and uncheck immigration?