Speaker Pelosi’s liberal Big Government policies are harmful to America


I support Pelosi and the Democrats’ opposition to America-First policies

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Liberal San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi has once again been elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives following the swearing-in of the now Democrat-controlled House.

Pelosi’s victory comes after she fought off a strong insurgency from younger progressive Democrats against her candidacy. Eventually, the insurgents -- publically led by avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- capitulated to their party’s establishment and supported Pelosi.

As expected, the liberal media celebrated Pelosi’s ascent to the Speakership, with liberal outlet Politico hailing her as “the most prominent foil to President Donald Trump.”

As Great American Daily strives to provide you with the most informed and relevant analysis and opinion of the 116th Congress, we are gathering the public opinions on what Nancy Pelosi’s speakership will hold for our country.

Will Speaker Pelosi’s tenure harm America, or do you support her Big Government, pro-globalist policies?