Trump should fire Rod Rosenstein


Rosenstein should keep his job

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been implicated in the House Intelligence Committee’s memo detailing Department of Justice and FBI abuse of FISA surveillance powers to target President Trump’s campaign leading up to and following the 2016 election.

The memo revealed that Rosenstein -- who was recommended for his current position by Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings -- authorized surveillance of Trump associates using the now-debunked “Russian dossier” that was compiled as a political attack against Trump.

In the aftermath of these revelations, Rosenstein has come under intense scrutiny, and there are increasing calls for him to be fired or to step down.

As Great American Daily continues our coverage of the Trump Administration and current events, we are gathering opinions of the public regarding Rod Rosenstein’s future as Deputy Attorney General.

Do you think President Trump should fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for participating in the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign?