Start by releasing the memo detailing abuse of FISA powers by Obama and the DOJ.


Potential Deep State corruption should remain classified.

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The Democrat party and their allies in the media have accused President Trump of illegal collusion with Russia during and after the 2016 presidential election.

But it now appears that the Department of Justice and the FBI under then-President Obama abused federal surveillance powers under FISA to target Donald Trump and his campaign.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has compiled a 4-page memo detailing their findings while gathering evidence on potential misdeeds made by government officials who were looking to first harm Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency.

Until the memo is released, public speculation that the memo implicates habitual abuse of government surveillance powers, it remains, of course, speculation.

Some members of Congress who have read the memo have even referred to it as “Watergate on steroids.”

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Should Trump expose the corruption within the Deep State, starting with the FISA memo? Or should potential corruption within the Deep State remain classified?