Congress should give children of illegal immigrants legal status to remain in the United States.


Congress should not reverse President Trump’s repeal of Obama’s illegal amnesty for children of illegal aliens.

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President Trump will end former President Obama’s executive order granting some legal status for children of illegal immigrants after a grace period of six months.

After announcing his decision, President Trump stated on Twitter that he would sign an identical law were Congress to pass it before the 6 moths grace period expires.

Trump’s decision was roundly criticized by the media and progressive activists as racist and hatful, but many of Trump supporters hailed the decision, ending what they saw as an incentive to break America’s immigration laws.

However, many were also troubled at his apparent willingness to sign the measure into law if it reaches his desk.

With recent reports that illegal immigration is once again on the rise, the focus now shifts to Congress.

Great American Daily is gathering the public’s opinion as part of our ongoing coverage of this hot button issue.

Should Congress pass a law restoring Obama’s amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants, or should President Trump’s repeal stand as the final say on the matter?