I don’t believe she is a Native American


I believe she has Native American heritage

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Massachusetts Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren reignited the national conversation over her claim to have Native American -- specifically Cherokee -- heritage by releasing a DNA test that she claims shows definitive confirmation of her ancestry.

After initially arguing that the test did indeed affirm Sen. Warren’s claims of Native American heritage, the liberal media reversed course and criticized her after questions were raised about potential misrepresentation of the test’s results and the Cherokee nation publically rebuked her for her claim.

As one of President Trump’s fiercest public critics, Sen. Warren received a healthy dose of ridicule from the president for her embarrassing public failure.

Senator Warren -- who is widely speculated to be eying a run for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020 -- maintains her claim to Native American ancestry.

As Great American Daily continues our coverage as the 2020 presidential field begins to take place, we are gathering the public’s opinions on the potential candidates as they jockey for position to challenge President Trump.

Do you believe Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee, or are you skeptical of her claim?