President Trump would defeat Warren in 2020


Warren could defeat Trump

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After many months of fueling rumors and speculation, far-left Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has officially taken the next step toward challenging Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020 by forming an exploratory committee. Forming the committee will officially allow Warren to begin raising funds for a presidential run, and making her the most well-known national Democrat to do so thus far in the 2020 election cycle.

Senator Warren first made a name for herself on the national political stage as a self-styled ‘consumer advocate’ during the 2008 financial crisis, later winning election to the U.S. Senate by defeating incumbent Republican Scott Brown in 2012.

Most of Warren’s recent attention has come from sparring with President Trump through social media and the press, with President Trump branding the senator as “Pochahontas” a jab at her tenuous claims to Native American ancestry.

As the 2020 election cycle takes shape, Great American Daily is gathering the public’s opinion on the declared candidates.

Does Elizabeth Warren have a chance at defeating President Trump in 2020, or will she be just another also-ran?